Alaska EPSCoR at The McCain Institute Decision Theater

The Decision Theater at The McCain Institute. If you have been to Decision Theater North, you might feel like you are in a familiar space.

On their most recent trip to Washington, DC, the Alaska EPSCoR team met with colleagues at the McCain Institute to discuss how each institution is using decision theaters and discussing ways to collaborate and partner on shared topics of interest. 

The meeting encompassed a well-rounded group with the following in attendance: Beth Kerttula of The White House OSTP, Barbara Propes, Dr. Anupma Prakash, Pips Veazey, Erik Brattberg of Arizona State University, Dr. Jim Powell, Aaron Korewa, and General Benjamin Freakley.

A group of collaborators letting the ideas fly! From left to right: Beth Kerttula, Dr. Anupma Prakash, Pips Veazey, Jim Powell.

General Benjamin Freakley discusses applications and collaborations for Decision Theaters in Washington, DC, Tempe, Arizona, and Fairbanks, Alaska.