Alaska Startup Week at Decision Theater North

We at Decision Theater North were glad to facilitate a multitude of conversations, events, conferences, videoconferences and workshops during Alaska Startup Week last week.  The statewide AK Startup Week is a cornerstone event in “Innovate Alaska (2.0)” and the Alaska Innovation Pipeline, a statewide effort to strengthen and diversify AK’s economic base through improved access to effective resources and mentors to: Grow entrepreneur ecosystems; empower export and import substitution businesses to innovate, and engage the next generation of Alaska entrepreneurs.

On Tuesday, July 25th, UAF staff and researchers joined other remote participants in Anchorage, Valdez, Petersburg, Homer, Juneau and Kodiak for a four-hour webinar "Ocean Tuesday - Capturing value from Alaska’s ocean resources"

Two more events on Tuesday included "MAKE - Manufacturing and Value Stream Mapping", an Anchorage and Fairbanks webcast on improving business processes with the Value Stream Mapping lean management toolkit led by Jim Bates, President and CEO of Business Improvement Group, Inc. (BIG) and a Professor in several schools at UAA – including an Adjunct role in the Master of Science in Project Management program.

Tuesday's last evening event was "Tools for Growing New Markets and Tech Scouting Exploration" a webinar between Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks hosted at the Alaska Communications Business Tech Center in Anchorage.

 A presentation on Blockchains and Techno-Social Systems. 

A presentation on Blockchains and Techno-Social Systems. 

We continued out Startup Week participation on Friday, July 28th with a morning presentation on Blockchains and Techno-Social Systems, a comprehensive overview of the history and future implications of blockchain technology led by Tomas Vrba, an MS student at Arizona State University and DTN Staff. 

Wrapping up the week of events was a two-hour workshop on Building a Culture of Innovation at UAF and Alaska Universities organized by the Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization (OIPC) and Alaska EPSCoR and facilitated by Peter Webley, research associate professor at the Geophysical Institute and Associate Director of Research at ACUASI. Attendees came from across UAF and the State, both in person and online, including UAF Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization, UAF administration, staff members, faculty who had built companies, faculty interested in innovation, students representing campus-wide groups, and staff from the Alaska Small Business Development Center and Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation, and Alaska Pacific University. The group reached significant conclusions about building and fostering innovative environments which will be outlined and presented in a form of executive summary. 

We were delighted to take part in the gathering of innovative minds with more than 50 statewide Startup Week events and to offer the resources of Decision Theater North to facilitate discussions and build relationships during the five Startup Week events hosted here.