Visual representations of work that is transpiring in Decision Theater North.

Data to decisions

role of data visualization in communicating impacts of climate change and associated risks to communities

adapting to changing environments: data to decision minigrants

This poster highlights the outcomes of the Data to Decision Minigrants that were awarded to University of Alaska faculty and staff in 2015. The projects required three elements: they had to be relevant to Alaskan communities; have a plan to use the visualizations to communicate the scientific data; and they had to engage members of the public. Four minigrants were awarded:

Dr. Olivia Lee, Visualizing Scenarios of Resource Development on the North Slope, Alaska

Dr. Gary Kofinas and Tracie Curry, Industrial Immersion: A Graphic Approach to Community Complexity

Dr. Dmitry Nicolsky, Tsunami Science to Inform Decision Making in Alaska Communities

Dr. Frank Witmer, Discovery of Environmental Change in the Kenai Watershed through Immersive Visualization